Egg Fried Rice

Game description:

Egg Fried Rice turns the simple act of satisfying a late-night craving into a thrilling and atmospheric game. The premise is straightforward: it's the middle of the night, and you're wide awake with a rumbling stomach. Unable to sleep, you embark on a quest to find some food, with egg fried rice as your ultimate goal. Whether scouring your kitchen or braving the dark streets to visit a nearby takeaway, the journey is filled with suspense and unexpected challenges.

An Unforgettable Midnight Mission 

Designed to deliver an engaging experience in 10 to 20 minutes, Egg Fried Rice combines retro-inspired graphics with a gripping horror atmosphere. The game offers multiple endings, ensuring that each decision impacts the outcome. Players will navigate through dark, eerie environments, solve minor puzzles, and even engage in tense driving sequences. Visual customization options like toggleable filters and head bobbing enhance the immersive experience, while full controller support provides seamless gameplay. The controls are intuitive: WASD for movement, E or left click to interact and advance text, F for managing the torch or car lights, SHIFT to run, and R to reset the car if needed. This unique blend of horror and a seemingly mundane task creates a memorable and compelling adventure as you strive to quell your midnight hunger.


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