Crab Game Squid

Game description:

Which one of the Squid Game trials would you try yourself? Now, you do not need to invent or organize anything to go through the same thrills as the characters of this popular show. The developers have already created a similar online entertainment – Crab Game. It not only recreates all the trials from the series but also offers new challenges. If you watched the show, you know well what type of adventures await you. Same as in the original plot, a group of people needs to go through lots of obstacles on the way to a fabulous cash prize. All the participants are in a difficult financial situation and they are ready literally for everything to improve it. So once they hear they just need to play old good children’s games, they agree without hesitation. But they forget to clarify one important thing – what will happen if they lose? If you watched Squid Game, you know the response very well – the wrong step will immediately eliminate you from further participation. But you not just leave the battlefield, you will die! Are you still ready to check if you can pass all these deadly hurdles? You will need to be skillful in many different things – run across a wide field at a gunpoint of armed soldiers, pass a glass bridge with treacherous tiles, pull the rope over the abyss. And even sweat carving out shapes from easily breakable cookies. Which one will you pass with ease? Join the game without delay to test your agility and reaction. Get ready for some thrills!