Stickman Games

Look at these guys made of sticks. Do you think their fragile bodies make them vulnerable and weak? No way! Stickman games are the adventures of strong and courageous fellows! Try now and see it with your own eyes. We have a great collection right here.

The Henry Stickmin Collection

So what is waiting for you in this section? The stories of sticky guys involve numerous plots and settings. You will shoot, run, bounce, compete, and research playing for a funny thin and simple character. While there are numerous other games that encourage the same actions, these series are unique. The key is the main character – he is a stickman, which means that he looks really funny. This makes the playing process exciting and extremely enjoyable. The stick figures can fight, do parkour, shoot, and run like champions. Despite their fragile look, these guys can do everything. They win battles, act, and have fun! In some games, you will join massive fights among stickman guys. In other, you will run from a jail. There are also one on one fights, parkour, racing, and archery. The games are extremely diverse and only one thing stays the same – you play for guys that look like stick, but in spite of their thin bodies, they are cool! Try the cool collection of games about them and have fun solo, with your friend, or among thousands of gamers from the server.