Game description:

Disorder immerses players in a dire scenario where a young gamer's family is held captive by The Ghoul, a sinister figure from the dark web known for his malevolent games. To free his family, the player must solve a series of demanding word puzzles, each one a key to the next step in their precarious liberation. The game’s tension is palpable as each puzzle success or failure directly influences the family's fate, with failures potentially leading to grim broadcasts to a hidden audience of dark web onlookers. This setup amplifies the suspense and instills a constant awareness of the high stakes at play.

A Confluence of Intellect and Ethics 

As the narrative of Disorder unfolds, the game challenges players to navigate through its complex puzzles, which serve as both intellectual trials and moral quandaries. The choices made during these puzzles extend beyond simple right or wrong answers—they shape the unfolding drama and have lasting impacts on the lives involved. This integration of morally charged decisions forces players to weigh each choice’s consequences, blending traditional puzzle-solving with deep ethical considerations. The game’s scoring system further adds layers to the gameplay, assessing players on their cognitive abilities and on how ethically they navigate through their decisions, making each playthrough a reflective mirror on the player's values and priorities.


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