Raft Games

There has been a terrible storm in the ocean. It shattered the ship you were sailing on and you are the only one to survive. You hang out in the middle of the sea clutching onto a small piece of wood. There seems to be no hope. But don't be in a hurry to give up! You have something in your hand - it's a hook on a rope that you can use to throw into the water and fish out various things floating by. This way, you can provide yourself with some food, more boards to add to your raft and a lot of other materials. In skillful hands, they can turn into a great number of useful items!
Raft games are about survival. And to stay alive, you need to take care of your basic needs. Fresh water is of primary importance, so the first thing you have to build is a water filter. You'll find the draft in the crafting menu. Just combine the necessary materials - and enjoy fresh water! Food can be found right in the sea, but you can also plant some coconuts and fruits on your raft. Making a fishing rod will put plenty of marine delicacies on your table. But beware of sharks - they can attack and break your raft, so you need a spear to fend them off.
The more time you spend on your voyage and the more experienced you become at crafting - the bigger and more comfortable your raft will become. After a while, it will turn into a first-class vessel that you can navigate to far-off shores and unknown horizons. Enjoy your sea journey and bravely face all the hardships in Raft games!

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