FR Legends

Game description:

FR Legends is a game that brings the art of drift racing to the forefront of mobile gaming. Players get behind the wheel of iconic drift cars, where mastering the cornering technique is just as important as speed. Each race is a test of skill, requiring precise throttle control and steering to execute perfect drifts. The game stands out with its unique focus on drifting rather than traditional racing, offering various tracks that challenge players to improve their drifting abilities and beat high scores.

Customize and Compete 

In FR Legends, customization is key to both performance and style. Players can modify their vehicles extensively, from engines and tires to the paint job and decals. This level of customization allows for a personal connection with the car, enhancing the racing experience. The game also features a robust scoring system that rewards skillful drifting techniques, such as angle and line taken through corners. Competitions in the game often pit players against AI or ghost recordings of other players, pushing them to refine their skills and climb the leaderboards.


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