Racing Games

Wanna feel the thrill of a crazy race when every second is precious and you risk breaking your car any moment? Then welcome to this category! Here you will find the most recent and popular racing games that will give you a chance to feel like a professional driver who can conquer the most daring tracks. Plenty of cars, incredible locations and competitive spirit are waiting for you on this page!

Real Car Driving: Race City 3D

To become a cool racer, it's not enough to get behind the wheel of a posh car. So don't be upset if the results won't be as you wish at once. With every race, you'll get a better control of your vehicle and figure out how to use its strong features to outrun your opponents. You can choose any car to your liking - from sturdy jeeps capable of driving off-road to speedy muscle cars designed for smooth highways. Each of the transport type has its own characteristics that can usually be improved for the money you earn in the races. You can make your car more durable, faster or even buy a new, better one.
The tracks are also all different. You will get to race through spectacular cityscapes, dodging among the traffic, tear down a serpentine road high in the mountains, steer your vehicle through the most impassable sceneries. You will have to get into the sharpest turns without deflecting from the main trajectory and make sure your car doesn't capsize in the process. There will be various obstacles in your way that you have to maneuver between and in some games it's possible to use dirty tricks or even weapons against your rivals. Don't forget to pick up cans of gas that will keep you going and accelerators that will allow you to speed up. Feel the amazing adrenaline of the hottest racing games online and become a real driving ace!

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