Pop It Games

You must have met kids who burst some kind of rubber bubbles and can’t give up doing that addictive thing. That’s what young generation is crazy about nowadays. That is the simplest and the most popular toy of this year – Pop It! It hasn’t got any special functions, neither does it talk or sing. But it produces some sounds and, what’s more, it soothes you. Can’t believe it? Try yourself this anti-stress novelty and release your life from worries.

Pop It Antistress: Fidget Toy


Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop

Actually, this site provides you with lots of fidget toys that you can try playing. For instance, the most widespread goal of the game is get rid of all the bubbles. It’s like popping a bubble film when opening a parcel. The same is here but with vibrant colours and interesting designs: pineapples, squares, butterflies and other fascinating shapes of the toys. You can also create pop-its yourself. Make a unique item using tips and samples, colour it and share with your friends. Invite them to do the same thing and organize a virtual DIY competition. Adults love these games too: they come across a lot of stress during the day and feel better after completing a few levels. Pop It gives you a chance to relax, refocus attention to the entertaining process instead of holding a grudge on somebody. No need to be angry or lose heart! Nice graphics and realistic toys will make you forget about problems. Bring back joy to your thoughts, calm down and smile to the world! Enjoy the bubbles –   goodbye, troubles!