Ms Lemons

Game description:

What about challenging your math skills? If you are or were a diligent student, there should not be anything difficult for you, even if the story belongs to a horror genre. You start in the class of Ms. Lemons, a teacher who looks like a lemon. Look at the board – she will give you some tasks to respond. The first round is devoted to math. Think fast, as you have only a few seconds to provide a correct answer. And what will happen if you fail? Your teacher will get upset – it will be immediately displayed on her irritation scale. Do not challenge your luck and try not to get Ms. Lemons mad! 

Is there a chance to survive?

However, the next levels are going to be really hard. After the math problems, you will deal with geometry, and then you will test your memory skills. It is obvious that you will start to make mistakes. Gradually, Ms. Lemons will feel upset about your failures. And when her irritation scale reaches 10 points, take care – you are now in danger! You will be shocked to see that your teacher has changed her appearance. Now a friendly-looking personage looks like a monster! Your chances to remain alive are minimum now. Rush to the menu to check whether you can purchase some tools to protect yourself from the evil Ms.Lemons. Note that there are several possible endings in this horror story – they all depend on what choice you make. So think well before you decide on your next step. Are you still ready to accept this challenge? Good luck!