Mortal Kombat Games

Every fan of the fighting genre is well acquainted with the Mortal Kombat series! More than one generation of gamers has grown up on these exciting stories. The game mythology is a mix of Asian legends, fragments of Chinese and Japanese martial arts, the postulates of Confucianism and Buddha's commandments. But the greatest part is of course the vibrant action! Mortal Kombat is more than just a fighting game - it's a real kind of art that is exciting even to simply watch. Is it any wonder the franchise is so popular all over the world despite being decades old?
Throughout the entire plot, you will have get a chance to play for many legendary characters - Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Jax, Liu Kang, Scorpio, Sub-Zero and others. Testing each fighter in action and choosing your favorite ones, you can study their skills more thoroughly in a special training mode, and then go to the ring and demonstrate your abilities to other gamers. Each hero has individual techniques and combos, from which you can make an effective spectacular series of attacks. In addition, all warriors have a unique final blow up their sleeves - fatality. There are various modes you can try, including solo campaign where you'll be following a gripping story fighting for the wellbeing of the world and multiplayer where you can test your skills and reflexes against real people sitting on the other side of the screen. You can also play on the same computer with a friend. Enjoy the incredible atmosphere and thrill of Mortal Kombat games on our site!

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