Ice Scream Horror Games

Rarely you suspect that someone friendly and smiling can do harm to you. For example, a nice guy who sells ice cream in a van. However, once you try the series of Ice Scream games, you will see – everything can happen. Read for a real horror? Roll in!

Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood

The story goes like this. Your buddy and you have fun, playing at the street. You hang out, play games, and enjoy the hot summer day. At some moment, you realize that there is only one thing that can make your perfect day even better – a portion of cold and sweet ice cream. Luckily, there is a van in your city and friendly Rod welcomes you to get some treat. You run to the van and start gazing at the delicious delights in a fridge, but suddenly something striking happens. Out of the corner of your eye, you see that your friend is missing. You turn your head and see a horrible picture – he is being frozen by Rod and this nasty maniac grabs him inside of the dark van. What was that? You have no time to think, so you rush inside and start searching for the victim. You will solve thousands of Rod’s puzzles and try to avoid meeting him face to face. The task is to save your buddy and supposedly – the other kids kidnapped by the seller. This is extremely dangerous, but you are ready for everything! Become a hero and save children!

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