Horror Games

One of the best things about horror titles is that they provide you with a unique experience – you find yourself in an extremely dangerous and deadly environment, while being absolutely safe. Consciously, you know that this is just a game, but it seems like for your unconscious there absolutely no difference whether the dangers are real or digital.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth


Little Cabin in the Woods - A Forgotten Hill Tale

This special trait of human perception allows us to enjoy horror games as they are and get the most amazing emotions out of them. We do like sharp feelings and sometimes they are necessary for us, that is why horror titles are so popular. Considering this popularity, we have gathered a great amount of different horrors for you to enjoy. Here you will find titles, where you are being stuck in a closed space and chased by some kind of monstrous creature. For instance, you can enter Baldi’s school and try to deal with that psycho-teacher, who punishes his pupils to death when they cannot manage the math problems he gives (the tasks are impossible to solve, that is why everything is that horrible). Or you can try to escape from the old house of an evil grandmother, who has locked you there. She is old, but her senses are perfect – she hears everything and sometimes you will get a feeling that she can even smell you, like those witches in the fairy tales from your childhood. We also have FNaF games, Horrorfield, and more! Jump in!