Hello Neighbor Games

Hello Neighbor is a first-person horror stealth game where you'll be controlling a young hero trying to sneak into his neighbor's house to reveal the gruesome mysteries hidden in his basement. Surely, the antagonist values his confidentially pretty high and he won't be happy that you decided to break it!

Little Cabin in the Woods - A Forgotten Hill Tale

So pull your courage together and set your foot inside! At first, the neighbor won't be aware of your presence and you must use that window of time to your advantage. Try not to attract his attention as you explore the house and hurry for hiding if you make a noise and see him coming to it. Otherwise he will be walking around the building doing his daily business - making tea, doing his morning exercises, taking a shower… But beware, if he notices you, he won't be very gentle with uninvited guests! Prepare to get hit on the head with something heavy and wake up at your own place without collecting any evidence. Well, nobody prevents you from trying once more… But this time the neighbor will be prepared and he will remember where he found you last time. Get ready to find a trap or security camera installed there! Yes, your enemy is learning from the mistakes you make, so you'll have to come up with something new every time or he'll have a leverage over you. There are plenty of halls and rooms for you to investigate. You can interact with various objects and use them in all possible ways. Just stay out of your neighbor's way for as long as you can to unravel the main secret of this creepy house!