Geometry Dash Games

Can you pass some seriously tricky arcade levels if you have no legs? In Geometry Dash, it doesn't matter as long as you have good reflexes and a sense of rhythm! Here it's all about fitting into shapes and hitting the beat. Start playing and see, or rather hear for yourself!
Math and music grooving as one!

So, you're a cube, and you're on a mission to conquer levels that are like geometry homework on steroids. But wait, there's a twist! You've got to jump like a kangaroo, and flip like an acrobat, and dance your way through an obstacle course like a Broadway star. (And you actually can upgrade to a being a star a bit later, as well as a UFO, a robot, and even some real earth creatures). Forget your protractors and compasses - in Geometry Dash, you're mastering geometry through the art of dashing. It's like math class, but with a funky beat and neon explosions! The music in this game is so heart-pounding, it could jumpstart a sloth's heart rate.

You'll be grooving to the rhythm as you navigate insane challenges, and just believe us, it's impossible to stay still. It's like a real dance party, only you're also racing and avoiding obstacles! And don't forget to snatch those coins as you run! Geometry Dash is full of secret coins hidden in the most mind-boggling spots. Finding them is like hunting for treasure in a maze designed by a mad math teacher. Collect them all, and you'll be a true Geometry Dash legend! So, are you ready to plunge right in? Flex your angles and sharpen your ears, the race is about to start!