Geometry Dash 2.3

Game description:

Get your pulse pounding and your geometry skills ready because Geometry Dash 2.3 is here to rock your world in the most intense and nail-biting way possible! It's a heart-racing, pulse-pounding, geometry-defying adventure that'll keep you on the very edge of your seat, and maybe even throw your device across the room once or twice. Let's begin! What's new in Geometry Dash 2.3? New Levels: The game now boasts an array of mind-bending, finger-twitching, and geometry-twisting levels that'll make you question the laws of physics. Each level is more intense than the last, and they come with new challenges that'll make you sweat bullets. New Icons: Geometry Dash is all about customizing your cube, ship, or UFO, and version 2.3 is bringing a bunch of new icons to the table. Mix and match until you've created the wildest and wackiest character in the game. More Customization: We're talking about new colors, trails, and death effects because what's a death in Geometry Dash without a bit of extra drama? New Gameplay Elements: Geometry Dash 2.3 is introducing new gameplay elements that'll take your skills to the next level. You thought you had it all figured out? Think again! Vaults and Gauntlets: Discover secret areas and new challenges in the vault and face even more gauntlets that'll test your geometry skills to the limit. And if that's not enough, expect some easter eggs, secret areas, and plenty of mysteries to unravel! So, gear up, tap that screen, and get ready to conquer Geometry Dash 2.3. Triangles and cubes, here we come!


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