Married in Red

Game description:

Married in Red immerses players in a richly woven tapestry of narrative-driven gameplay, set during a visually stunning South Korean wedding. The game's protagonist, Bok-su Go, arrives expecting a day of celebration for her dear friend Da-jeong Choi, only to find herself caught in a web of unexpected drama and suspense. As Bok-su, players engage in intricate point-and-click investigations and navigate through layers of dialogue that peel back the veneer of wedding day festivities to reveal hidden tensions and unresolved conflicts.

Secrets Amongst the Celebrations 

The game delicately balances the opulent setting of a traditional South Korean wedding with elements of mystery and suspense characteristic of a thriller RPG. As the story unfolds, Bok-su's interactions with other guests—who range from distant relatives to close friends—become critical. Each conversation and environmental clue can potentially lead to revelations about Da-jeong’s past and the true nature of her seemingly perfect relationship. Players must use their wits and attention to detail to connect the dots, with the narrative branching into different directions based on their discoveries and choices.


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