Gacha Club

Game description:

The most famous character creator that provides more opportunities than any other is Gacha Club! This game will come to your liking in case you are a real fan of Japanese animation and cool creative games that allow you to customize the heroes in any way you want. Today, you will become a cartoon artist without effort – join Gacha Club and have fun! So, what is waiting for you here? To put it short, you will create a character (or several characters), put them on a scene, outplay a situation, and save your masterpiece! While customization and scene creation are the central activities of the game, there are more entertainments to gladden you! For example, the game environment is rich for small games, so your character can complete numerous different tasks and have fun in a great deal of ways! Also, Gacha Club is all about sharing – show your stories to other members and let them see yours! Invent new episodes together and arrange cool group projects!
 When your characters are ready, you will make up a scene and think over the smallest detail. Not only you can write the phrases for your heroes, but also you are welcome to play with mimics! Make their faces change fast when something surprises, frightens, frustrates, or make them laugh! This will make all of your scenes lively and look like real anime. There are numerous materials for customization as well as deal of samples to use for every element of your game. Collect characters, develop their skills, open your creative talents, and enjoy numerous game formats. They include Story, Tower, Training, Corruption, and Shadow. Have fun with other members of Gacha Club! Mini games will entertain you, while the story-making opportunities will heat your imagination! Welcome to the club and have endless fun with the characters you create on your own!