Gacha Life Games

Are your fascinated with the anime culture and manga animation? Do you enjoy cute characters with big heads and eyes? Do you dream of creating your own heroes and writing a story they will follow? There is just the right game that will help you with that!

Scratchin Melodii Gacha Club


Friday Night Funkin Gacha Mod


L.O.L. Surprise Supermarket

Gacha Life is a mix of dressing and life simulator where you can design your hero from scratch and choose what fate awaits him or her. Actually, you don't even need to limit yourself to one single character, you can create a whole bunch of them and then mix them up in various ways coming up with different stories every time! All aspects of appearance are fully customizable. Rather than selecting from just a few options of eye color, hair dye and face type, you can achieve a totally unique look by adjusting each parameter to your own liking. As a result, all heroes you can meet in this game aren't even remotely similar to each other. Besides, you can reach even more diversity by using a giant assortment of clothes and accessories to make your avatar stand out from the crowd. Aside from that, you can select the pose, the background and write dialogues between the characters. These scenes can be united into some sort of a comics book that you can reread from time to time. There are also plenty of mini games to earn coins and an ability to communicate and even build relationships with other players. Plunge into your new virtual life, discover the world of tremendous opportunities and become someone you always dreamed to be!

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