Game description:

FNAF is a horror game series hardly requiring any introduction. The story of dreadful animatronics - evil clockwork toys from a family pizza house that come alive at night and roam the empty building searching for victims - has enjoyed wide popularity ever since the release of the first part. Since then, dozens of remakes and fan versions have been made. One of them really stands out - it's FNAF Plus.
Even more thrill, dynamics and drama are waiting for you here! The game follows the concept and setting of the original FNAF. However, it takes the action to a whole new level. Rather than just idly wandering around the pizzeria and making limp attempts at getting to the main hero, animatronics in FNAF Plus are much more active in their attacks. You have to be really cautious because another can can take place any moment! To neutralize the enemy, you have to illuminate them with your flashlight.
But note that the batteries are running low, so you don't want to use it that often! Another distinctive feature is that the characters of animatronics have been finally a bit revealed to the audience. We can really find out more about these horrible creatures and even feel kind of sympathetic towards them - because there are souls of kids trapped inside those walking mechanic caskets.
That makes the entire thing much more dramatic and involving. You find yourself wondering if those kids can actually be rescued. And maybe they can! But you won't know for sure until you play the game and see what kind of options and opportunities the developers have prepared for you this time. So don't put this thrilling adventure aside any longer, launch FNAF Plus right now and enjoy a lot as much adrenaline!


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