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What are your most vivid impressions from going to school? Perhaps the way you used to skip lessons and hang out with your friends? Or the pranks you played on your teachers? Or maybe the teachers themselves? If you had gone to Baldi's Basics, that would have been exactly your case!

Fun Race 3D - Baldi's Basics


Baldi’s Basics New Teacher

This old ugly man is a real monster every child on the campus is deadly afraid of. He doesn't forgive mistakes and gets mad if you can't solve a math equation correctly. You have only a few chances to come up with the right answer. Then Baldi will fly into a rage and try to give you an old-fashioned physical punishment using his huge ruler. If you don't want to go home with bruises, you'd better start running right now! Just note that Baldi won't let you go so easily. He will chase you all over the territory of the school and it's not going to be simple to shake him off your tail. You need to be careful and fast. Luckily, there is a chance to use various distracting factors and make friends with other characters on the campus that will help you. So when will this crazy race end and you can finally leave this terrible place? No sooner than you find seven notebooks scattered around the school and fill them up with the right answers on different subjects! They can be hidden anywhere, so you need to explore the entire map if you want to discover them before Baldi gets to you. Don't forget to keep an eye on your energy meter and eat a chocolate bar from a vending machine if it falls dangerously low!