Game description:

Meet a new character with whom you have to go on an exciting journey through numerous levels! This is Tails the fox, one of Sonic's best friends. Despite the fact that she is still small, he already knows a lot. And most importantly - she has a strong thirst for adventure and she is not afraid of dangers. So get ready for some incredible action, stretch your fingers as they will have to run around the keyboard, perform dizzying jumps and dodge enemies!

Passing all the levels will not be so easy. In this 8-bit world (and the game is made in retro style, so all fans of the original Sonic console series will be delighted) dangers await you at every turn. You have to be very careful and press the keys in time to avoid falling into the abyss or sharp spikes. Opponents will also meet, so keep an eye out! Fortunately, Tails is not unarmed - he can perform various tricks that can scatter enemies like wood chips. However, make sure that you have accumulated the appropriate energy bar. Don't use combos and other tricks too often otherwise you won't be able to perform them when you need them most.

Along the way, you also need to collect coins and various bonuses that will increase your score and help you cope with obstacles more easily. Therefore, if you see something useful, try to get to this object, even if for this you need to deviate from a straight path and make a detour or get into a hard-to-reach place. Some levels are difficult to pass the first time, but don't give up. You will have several lives at your disposal - that is, several attempts. But even if you spend them all - it's okay, you can always start over. Immerse yourself in the world of incredible pixel adventures and characters familiar from your very childhood playing Tails.exe online! 


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