Game description:

InZoi emerges as KRAFTON's ambitious foray into the life simulation genre, promising to revolutionize the field with its state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5 graphics and a novel approach to digital existence. As the creators behind titans like PUBG: Battlegrounds and The Callisto Protocol, KRAFTON aims to captivate audiences once more, this time by offering a deeply immersive and expansive simulation of life itself. Scheduled for unveiling at the G-Star 2023 Summit, InZoi is poised to challenge the dominance of the venerable The Sims series, setting a new standard in life simulation with its advanced graphics and intricate gameplay mechanics. Within this virtual universe, players will navigate the lives of beings known as ZOIs, each with its own set of desires, fears, and life stories, against a backdrop of daily routines and extraordinary adventures.

Crafting Lives and Stories 

InZoi stands out not just for its visual splendor but also for its dynamic gameplay experience. It offers players unparalleled control over the environment and character development, allowing for a granular level of customization previously unseen in the genre. From altering weather patterns to designing buildings from the ground up, every aspect of the ZOI's world is at the player's fingertips. This level of detail extends to the ZOIs themselves, with a comprehensive customization system that lets players shape their characters' appearances, personalities, and life paths. KRAFTON's dedication to creating a living, breathing world is evident in every facet of InZoi, from the mundane tasks of daily life to the thrilling escapades that punctuate the ZOI's existence. With its innovative use of Unreal Engine 5, InZoi not only promises to be a visual feast but also a new benchmark in interactive storytelling and simulation.


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