Zombie Games

Do you like horrors? Well, then you must be a fan of zombie games! Zombies are frightening, because they are neither dead nor alive – they are actually the undead! Are you ready to shoot a couple of them? Then here you go! The collection of cool stories about zombies is at your disposal.

State of Survival Walking Dead

All zombie games encourage you to do one central thing – defeating the undead. No matter which zombie game you choose, you will do everything to protect yourself from their teeth and paws. In all cases, you will do that in a brutal way – trying to shoot their heads off. That’s right! So take your gun, enter the horrible city surrounded by monsters, and try to stay alive. The zombie games all take place in the post-apocalyptic environment – wastelands, half-ruined cities, and towns that are suffering from the threat. You will become the one to get rid of this infection, run away from the disaster and find the safe place, or just stand against them until your last bullet. Some zombie games are highly cooperative, which means that you will travel around the map, gathering resources, defense items, and weapons. You will make hard decisions, choosing people for your team and leaving someone who cannot become a part of your survival group. Delegate tasks among the team members, try to build a shelter for yourself (when the night comes, the zombies become too active), arm yourself with weapons, and find the place where you can continue living. If there is such a place on earth, you will definitely get there! Defeat the monsters for the sake of humanity and try to get through all the horrors of the apocalypse!