Wobbly Life Games

Welcome to a bright and busy world that has prepared a lot of active adventures for you. You will find yourself in a colorful place inhabited by funny yellow characters. And you will have to play for exactly such a hero. Even if they all look alike, you can customize your personage. All events unfold on a distant island and are based on the laws of physics.

Stickman Party 4 Player Games

Here you have an exclusive opportunity to do absolutely anything you can dream of – you can travel, destroy everything around, complete tasks, play mini-games or drive at a crazy speed. Once you join this funny universe, you will immediately need to think about where to get money. But there are dozens of ways to do it here. First, choose the main character who will have unique skills and various talents. There are many professions available here, ranging from a regular delivery man to a real estate agent. Once you earn a decent sum, you can buy cars, clothes, accessories, and even mansions. There are many competitions and mini-games to participate in. And if you are industrious enough, very soon you will become a really rich person in this cartoon world. Resources will also enable you to modify the main character. You will fully dive into an interesting life, explore different locations, find treasures, build new houses and make lots of new friends. You can enjoy this game alone and in the company of your friends. The flow of continuous adventures will take you busy for hours. So do not waste any more time – start your incredible life on the Wobbly island right now, you will not regret a minute spent here!

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