Toca Life Games

Wanna spend a riveting time in a bright virtual world full of new friends and possibilities? Then welcome to Toca Life games! Here you can create your own character and set out on a fascinating trip around the hospitable Toca City where there are plenty of amazing things waiting for you!
It all beings with character customization. You can set the smallest details of your hero's appearance and make him or her look just like you want. Whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, regardless of their skin color, eye shape and hairstyle, you can make them unique and memorable with a wide choice of clothes and accessories. After all, that's how you are going to stand out from the rest of characters inhabiting this incredible town!
When all is done, it's time to look for a house to live in. You can furnish it to your liking and, as you keep progressing through the game and accumulating money, make it even more comfortable or even move into a new, bigger and cozier one. The coins are earned for mini-games and completing daily tasks. You choose what to do today in Toca Life on your own - there is no particular storyline to follow, so you're free in your adventures! There is something new to indulge in every day and you certainly won't be bored. Discover this awesome and diverse world, see it with your own eyes and come up with your own story involving your visual self and your new friends playing these great games online!

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