The Baby In Yellow Games

Babysitting has never been too easy. Especially when you're up against a child with some pretty macabre abilities! Will you even get out alive? Your nanny ordeal is about to begin and we're just about to find out!

Baby In Yellow: Black Cat 2


The Baby in Yellow Christmas Update


The Baby In Yellow Unblocked

Not the easiest kid to babysit!

So here's the scoop: you find yourself in a seemingly innocent scenario, tasked with looking after a sweet little child. But don't relax just yet, because this ain't your average babysitting gig. This kid seems to be possessed by some seriously dark forces, and when he gets upset or scared, the whole house turns into a horror movie set. Talk about a wild ride! As you navigate the haunted house, you'll encounter strange supernatural occurrences that'll have you shaking in your slippers. Furniture moves on its own, shadows dance eerily across the walls, and you may even catch a glimpse of the baby himself levitating with his hellishly red eyes gleaming. It's like a nightmare come to life, and you're right in the middle of it.

Survive and rescue the baby!

But hey, there is hope. If only you can find an amulet hidden somewhere in the house… This mysterious thing holds the power to exorcise the possessed child and bring an end to this spooky nightmare. Beware though, for the house itself seems to be working against you, with dark corridors and hidden secrets waiting to devour your very soul! So get ready to face the unholy terrors of Baby in Yellow and prove that you can cope with any kind of horrors!

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