That’s not my Neighbor update

Game description:

The update for That's Not My Neighbor introduces an array of refinements and fresh features, designed to enhance the thrill and playability of this dark, suspense-filled game. A standout addition is the 'Nightmare Mode,' tailored for those who have mastered the base game and crave a more daunting challenge. This mode increases the difficulty exponentially, introducing tougher scenarios and brain-teasing puzzles that demand strategic thinking and precision. Meanwhile, the arcade mode has been streamlined to offer faster, more intense sessions, perfect for players looking for a quick adrenaline rush without the long-term commitment.

Prioritizing Player Experience and Accessibility 

In a move towards greater inclusivity, this update brings critical accessibility enhancements. The introduction of an option to disable flashing lights is a significant step forward, catering to photosensitive players and ensuring a safer gaming environment. Similarly, the update has refined the trypophobia function, now effectively masking potentially disturbing visual elements throughout the game, including tutorials and minor gameplay aspects. These adjustments are coupled with improvements in text speed outside of tutorials, accelerating narrative sequences and keeping players engaged in the action. For those wary of transitioning immediately to the latest version, the developers have thoughtfully retained version, enabling players to revert if the new update doesn't meet their expectations.


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