Talking Tom Games

Everyone loves cats. How can we not? They are so cute, funny and simply adorable! If you, too, belong to their fun club, you'll be fascinated to play Talking Tom games - the cat you'll meet here is even better than the rest of his feline kin because he can talk!

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Yes, you heard it right! He has been living among humans for so long that he picked up our language. Of course, he is still learning and doesn't know a lot of human words yet, so he'll need your help. Just say the right words into your microphone and Tom will repeat them in his own voice! But that's not all you can do in Tom's company. He never misses a chance to have some fun and set out on another exciting adventure! You can pet him and play with him, pour him some milk and hear him purr, go for a walk together or take a bicycle ride. Tom also has many friends he will be glad to introduce you to. Here are his lovely girlfriend Angela, a mischievous kitten called Ginger and a bad-tempered dog named Ben. Tom could use your help inviting Angela for a date or confessing his feelings to her! Who knows, maybe you'll even get to visit their wedding… Or plan it from scratch! Most of the time, life in the town runs peacefully, but sometimes some extraordinary situation - say, house robbery - puts Tom on his paws and makes him chase the thief all over the map collecting gold coins. He will be grateful if you assist him in catching the criminal! Discover the colorful world of Talking Tom games online and have a great time!

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