Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha 1

Game description:

The learning AI will stand against you in this horror story. The neighbor is gone somewhere and on his place there is someone else. Someone no less creepy and suspicious. So you decide to do that again – you will sneak into his place and see what is he doing there. Like any other lonely guy, he sleeps a lot, cooks food, eats it and… goes to the forest late at night, carrying huge bags, then digs large holes, put the bags on the bottom and covers these graves with ground. Wow, this is weird. You don’t really want to appear in one of those bags, do you? This means that you need to investigate this case, find out the truth, prevent tragedies that can happen in the future, and the most important – to stay alive and unharmed yourself. Who will break the plans of a horrible neighbor if not you? All the other people from the neighborhood think that he is an intelligent ordinary man. Well, he is. Only when you don’t know what is he doing late at night.
Everyone has secrets, but it seems that your neighbor is hiding something that can turn everybody’s hair grey. You will walk around his house as well as the areas that not for from this place. This part of the game features an open world, which allows you to make your way wherever you want. Just make sure that it does make sense – you need to investigate this world of horror and crime and find the way to punish your neighbor if he really is a maniac. Do your best to oppose him smartly – you will have to show your skills and logic all the time. What is more, not only there are puzzles and tasks to solve. You will have to invent new ways of moving, sneaking into the doors, and interacting with the environment. Mostly, this is connected with your opposition to the neighbor. As this guy is an AI character, he will not only follow you, but learn from you. The ideas you use will become his and the patterns you repeat will allow him to find you, catch you, and attack you. Be careful and try to become unpredicted. The AI is able to mimic and learn, but cannot invent anything. As a human, you can do that.