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Game description:

This fairy used to be a busy and merry place. Decades ago, people came here from all over town, met their friends and had fun. Now it's empty and desolate, the rides are nearly broken and nobody gives a damn about this park except for a local guard. You still remember the old days and keep guarding the area even though you can hardly see a soul anywhere near. On the other hand, you don't have to deal with intruders, so you can just relax and spend the night doing crosswords… 
At least, that's what you thought when you heard a strange noise outside. When you ran out of your booth, you didn't see anything, but you could feel someone is here. Take a flashlight and start exploring the park looking for a mysterious guest who apparently doesn't want to be found! Be careful, it's dark and spooky around. Your search will be accompanied with suspenseful music increasing the tension and making you twitch nervously even at your own shadow. And by the moment you'll see the monster who visited your workplace, you'll already be creeped out enough to shriek in terror!
It's hard not to get scared by this grotesque being. It looks like a giant bird, but it has a cunning mind of a human. You have to be very careful and inventive to deal with it! Before it deals with you… Remember that you need to stick out until the first beams of the sun. The monster gets powerful in the daylight and doesn't like any sources of light in general. Note that, this information will repeatedly save your life!