Storyteller Games

Do you enjoy telling stories? How about making them up? In Storyteller, you will have the time of your life crafting epic tales, wild adventures, and zany narratives like a literary genius! Don't hold back, use your imitation to the full and make the most of those story cards!
Spin plots, forge heroes, carve out fates!

In Storyteller, you're the puppet master of your own story universe. You can throw in plot twists so mind-bending, they'd make Shakespeare's head spin. Your characters aren't just regular Joes - they're superheroes, talking animals, mighty wizards, what not. They'll have unique personalities as quirky as you're willing to give them. Here you're the architect of your story's world, and the sky's the limit... or maybe not, because you can even have stories set in outer space! And the art? Oh, it's a delight for your eyes! Actually, the whole process is tied into those fancy cards representing various characters, events and plot twists.

By mixing and matching them, you can create the most gripping and most insane stories ever, all while enjoying some kind of a comics strip sequence coming alive before your eyes as the whole thing unfolds. Happy endings, sad endings, or just plain bizarre endings — it's your call! But here's the best part: you can team up with your friends to create stories together! It's like a literary jam session where everyone plays a different tune, and the result is pure storytelling magic.  Get ready to unleash your creativity and embark on storytelling escapades that'll leave you craving more and more!