Sniper Games

Ever since the invention of firearms, a man with a gun has turned into a very dangerous enemy. However, it's not enough to simply hold it in your hands - you must also be able to shoot it right. It only seems to be simple - in movies, we see that it's enough to just raise a gun in front of you and pull the trigger. And wham, your enemy is lying breathless! But in real life, you have to consider quite a lot of aspects to make an accurate shot. You can learn this tricky art playing our amazing sniper games!

Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games

Here you will feel like a real shooting pro. You will gain access to a wide varieties of weapons, including everyone's favorite - sniper rifles. It's so exciting to lie in wait, holding your victim in the crosshairs and waiting for just the right moment to make a slight move of your finger. But to be successful, you have to carefully calculate the trajectory of the bullet. It's even to miss a few millimeters, and the target won't be hurt. At the same time, you will give away your presence, so it must be a precise hit!
Our great sniper games give you a chance to set out on dangerous missions where you have to deal with outnumbering opponents, take down a good dozen of guards or eliminate a highly important person from hiding. You can also compete in accuracy with other snipers taking part in riveting duels and massive shootouts. Prepare for a lot of action, improve your shooting and stealth skills and simply have fun!

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