Siren Head Games

Do you love games where you need to confront various scary opponents and feel blood freezing in your veins? Then here is a new horror entertainment for you, in which you will meet a creature you could have hardly imagined before.  Who is this new antagonist?

Siren Head: Sound Of Despair


Siren Head: SCP-6789 - The Hunt Continues

It is difficult to tell as no one has ever met him closely before. But it is known that this monster is nearly forty meters high and has a very slim body. But the most terrifying thing is that this beast has no head. Instead, you can see two sirens that can produce heartbreaking sounds that can scare even the most courageous players. You have a special mission to set up cameras in this location to record the movements of this terrible enemy. But this is not going to be an easy task. It will turn into a real survival challenge when you constantly need to act in extreme conditions. The monster has perfect hearing and can attack you at any moment. This gruesome antagonist is moving practically silently and you never know from where he may attack you. You will need to complete lots of to move on in the gameplay. Puzzles and quests will be extremely difficult, and many of them you will be forced to solve simply on the go, but you can definitely handle it if you connect your logical thinking. The key idea is not to meet the Siren Head as your forces are not equal at all. The whole gameplay is accompanied by gruesome soundtracks that will not leave anyone indifferent. Start these incredible adventures if you want to tickle your nerves. You will have to go through lots of thrills!