Game description:

Are you into shooting games? Then this new online entertainment will surely attract your interest! The story is very cool – you play for a very weird personage designed as a cartoon potato who occasionally finds himself in an alien environment. The bad thing is that this strange planet is full of enemies that will immediately start massive attacks. But Brotato is brave enough to fend them off. Besides, the hero can handle six different weapons at a time and destroy all opponents with ease! However, he needs your help to cope with the never-ending waves of aliens. Rush to support Brotato! Do your best to win all rounds! The game is a series of short confrontations. Usually, one fight lasts from 15 to 90 seconds only. But you will have to survive up to 20 waves of hostile attacks. There are several parameters of the characters you need to monitor – health, power, attack speed and others. Successful attacks will bring coins and allow you to unlock new upgrades. The more you play, the more items and features you get unlocked. Besides, you will get access to a huge arsenal of weapons, and even turrets and exploding sausages. Try all the tools and devices in this hectic confrontation. Have fun!


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