Bravo Stars

Game description:

Don’t be fooled by the colorful cartoonish graphics and fun reckless atmosphere - a serious mess is brewing in Brawl Stars! Big-headed angular characters fight with incredible tenacity, and their abilities offer a huge field for strategic decisions. To win, you need to correctly form a team - the weaknesses of some heroes are compensated by the strengths of others. Their variety is amazing. A cowboy with an Elvis hairstyle and a pair of powerful guns? A mechanical bartender throwing Molotov cocktails at his enemies? What about a character who can summon a fierce bear to help him? They are all here, it remains only to accumulate coins and unlock each and every one. Enjoy versatile gameplay and hot action, make your way up the leaderboards, keep polishing your reflexes and tactical savviness together with thousands of other players just like you!


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