Sega Games

Even after more than 20 years, Sega remains a thing that evokes a feeling of pleasant nostalgia. How can you enjoy it today, in the era of fast-paced PCs and smartphones? The answer is simple - on this site, we have collected all the most interesting, most popular and most colorful Sega games! Put your joystick down - now you can play them on your keyboard or even tapping the screen!
If you had Sega back in your childhood or used to visit your friend for a gripping console match, you surely remember games like Sonic and the likes. It was Sonic that became the company's calling card. The unique blue hedgehog has been a favorite of a huge audience for a long time and many gamers still cherish his image.
The gaming industry is constantly changing. Despite this, titles that were popular several decades ago are still waiting for their heroes. Yes, the graphics at that time were simple, but the very process of passing the level in one breath, without saving and with a limited number of lives will remain in our memory. Refresh your impressions about good old characters and their adventures with our amazing Sega games!
To return to the days of 16-bit entertainments, you don't have to dig out an old console in your garage. It's enough to just open your favorite game in the browser. Here you will find all Sega games that used to light up your days decades ago. Enjoy familiar gameplay, relive your early gaming experience and have just as much fun as when you were a little boy or girl!

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