RPG Games

If you love learning different skills and improving your character during exciting adventures, you definitely need to discover the fascinating world of RPG games! This amazing genre can boast not only a detailed setting and gripping story, but also a complex system of developing your hero.

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Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

Most often, you are sent on some vitally important mission - rescuing a princess or saving the world. In the process, you travel across all kinds of locations, fight hordes of monsters and pick up valuable stuff that your character can wear to boost their abilities. 
Scenarios of such games can vary to a great extent. Many of them take place in a fantasy world because it gives you wide opportunities to use all kinds of skills and weapons, from enchanted swords to fireballs. And of course it's much more exciting to battle demons and dragons than some human enemies (which are still present). But not all RPG games carry you back to the Middle Age setting. Some of them take place in our time or even an imaginary future. Many post-apocalyptic games of this genre have gained wide popularity. Only here instead of bows and staffs you have to use guns and futuristic weapons. Anyway, the concept doesn't change: you choose your hero, their class and basic characteristics. As you proceed through the plot, you gain experience and distribute the points between your skills. In the end, you will become a really invincible hero! So, are you ready to set off?