Red Ball Games

Red Ball is a series of games dedicated to the adventures of a charming rolling character who has to make his way through various obstacles and traps all while threatened by evil black squares. You have to demonstrate great reflexes as well as logical thinking to avoid all the traps scattered in your path and get to the end of the level with a maximum number of points. Let's begin!
Who is Red Ball and what is he up to?

The events of Red Ball unfold in a hospitable and picturesque round land. Everything here is smooth and soft, from the outlines of the surrounding scenery to the characters of its inhabitants. However, one day the kingdom is attacked by aggressive angular creatures - black squares. They arrived to change the landscape of this thriving and beautiful land and make it all straight lines and angles. Moreover, they started kidnapping the locals. Including the main hero's girlfriend. Now the Red Ball needs to set out on a long and dangerous trip to get her back!

The advantages of being round

Each level is a real obstacle course that you have to pass using the physics of the main character to advantage. He can roll, bounce and do all other cool things balls are capable of. Beware of black squares - luckily, you can easily deal with your enemies by jumping on their flat heads. On your way, you also have to collect stars that will maximize your score in the end. Embark on this colorful and exciting adventure, play the many parts of the Red Ball series and have fun!

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