Puzzle Games

Sometimes, you are feeling so bored when going home by bus or subway, that you need some amazing entertainment to occupy your brain and hands. If this is your case, then you should try our puzzle games! Here you will find a great number of them. From classical games like mahjong, scribble or crossword to something really original, you will find a game to your liking for sure. Guess the words, make the ball get to the final destination, solve logical puzzles, and enjoy!

Draw 2 Save - Stickman Rescue


Draw Police - Tricky Puzzles

Are you read to test your intellectual skills and spend your free time with use? Then this section will become your favorite. Some puzzle titles are just a set of stages, where you are going to do the tasks. They are not very diverse – in most cases, you will perform the same actions again and again, while the conditions will become tougher, so your movement won’t be that easy with time. The other puzzle titles have plots and appealing characters that have a story and the tasks are the part of the process, namely the central one. You will need to gather your logical skills, reflexes, creative thinking, and other abilities together and apply them all when you play in the best way! Get to the finish destination and feel like your brain grows! Good luck!

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