Plague Inc Games

So this is it! You have always wanted to become an evil genius able to destroy the entire planet and kill every living person. Here you go then – this game is perfect for you, young evil genius. You will find everything you need to implement you plans in life. The laboratory full of modern and super-efficient equipment is waiting for you.
Use the instruments and all kinds of materials to create a virus, experiment to make it resistant, and start your deadly mission. The idea is to create a virus and then launch the disease all over the world. You should choose the starting point and stay strategic on every step you make. When picking the starting point, you may opt for a region with low level of medical treatment and a tourist destination. For example, India can be one of the best options. Starting a virus there, you increase your chances that it will be affect numerous people before the global healthcare organizations will start to feel the danger. It is important to make your “child” resistant for the existing chemicals and medical solutions. Make it mutate on its way and change all the time, so when the medical workers find a remedy, the virus is already something else. Make them panic! Do your best to conquer the whole planet! Remember that the game is pretty complicated and requires strict planning and step-by-step strategy. Make up a plan and don’t be shy to change it on your way. Good luck, evil scientist!