Need for Speed Games

Are you fascinated with high speeds and cool cars? Then you definitely need to check out our amazing Need For Speed games! The plot takes us to the fictional city of Ventura Bay, where the protagonist amazed a local group of driving masters with his racing skills. To join these guys, he must convince them by completing various tasks on the road. While doing that, you will receive experience points and various rewards.

Lowriders Comeback 2: Cruising

There are several modes in NFS that will definitely thrill all players. You can demonstrate your drifting style, try to drive without damage at the highest possible speed, unite in teams and race against your friends or random players. And of course everyone will love the lawless mode that includes the destruction of cars, road signs and frequent races with the police!
There are many cars to select from that can be used on various routes copying real landscapes from picturesque corners of the world. By expanding the physical vehicle model, developers have included parameters such as brake sensitivity and gearbox position that you can set at your convenience. Vehicle models look great! A drop of water on a car body, realistically dissipating mud from driving on wet streets, bending sheet metal cracks, spare parts - everything looks fantastic and you can see a huge leap in quality from earlier parts of the game. Start playing Need For Speed online, get a thrilling doze of emotions and boast your driving skills!