Microsoft Flight Simulator 2

Game description:

Do you want to continue swashbuckling in the sky, flying around the globe? Well, then you are welcome to play the second part of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a real masterpiece and a truly amazing game to play. Here you will try yourself as a pilot again and enjoy numerous new features and cool stuff. The developers of the game are pretty serious about the aircraft – it seems like they keep on improving everything with real passion. While the first chapter was a real win and a super-realistic experience, this time you will have even more great content to enjoy. The game is at your disposal – launch it online and prepare to fly high in the sky!
The second chapter has a huge environment to discover. This time, the maps are even more precise than ever – you can land the plane near your house! The learning mode is extremely helpful and if you need to polish your flying skills, start with the easy level. The tips will remind you how to control the plane and what are the best decisions a pilot can make. Fly further and enjoy the realistic graphics, never-ending lands and waters, people and animals, plants and the most beautiful places of our planet. Enjoy the realistic and well-thought changing weather, time, and conditions.