Mario Games

Mario hardly needs introduction. Everyone who had a console as a kid or at least a neighbor with one surely remembers this sprightly adventurous plumber in a red cap. Despite decades of history, Mario games still remain highly popular among gamers of all ages. And now you have a chance to enjoy your favorite retro platformer online!

Mario Rabbids Sparks Of Hope


FNF Vs Cat Mario – Rage Mix


FNF vs Mario’s Madness (MARIO 85′ / MX / Mario.EXE)

Old console hit now on PCs and smartphones!

Thanks to modern technologies, Mario games have been successfully transported to both PC and portables allowing you to play sitting in your computer chair as well as standing in a line, getting bored in a traffic jam and even walking down the street (although it's advisable not to mix these two things). The controls are perfectly adapted to either the keyboard or touchscreen. They work just as nice as the good old joystick, although it might require some getting used to compared to the console experience. But anyway, it's going to be a great reunion with your favorite franchise and character!

Pass levels, set records, enjoy the gameplay!

You surely know what to do in Mario games and how to play it. Just speed up, keep running, jump from one platform to another trying not to get into any of the traps scattered around the level. All the while you also have to collect fruits, coins, stars and other bonuses. Some of them are there purely to maximize your score, some will give you powerups. Beware of the enemies that will try to get to you! And remember that the number of your lives is limited. Enjoy your nostalgic Mario session and have a great time!

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