Mahjong Games

Mahjong is everyone's favorite game focused on visual perception and eye memory that will help you relax and spend a great time while also improving your mental skills! Here you need to memorize images on the tiles and them find identical pairs of them making as few mistakes as possible. And we offer a vast collection of Mahjongs to any taste on this page that you can play online!
The rules of Mahjong aren't difficult. At the beginning of the level, you will see a certain number of tiles. Each of them has a picture on it, and all of these pictures have their exact matches scattered randomly around the screen. You'll have just several seconds to look at them closely and memorize their positions. Then the tiles will be turned over and you'll have to click on them trying to discover those matches and open them one right after the other. If you succeed, they will disappear, and you will have less work to do. But if not, the game will continue.
Mahjongs generally have either a time limit or a critical number of mistakes you can make before the level restarts. So try to be as attentive as possible and don't just click on all the tiles hit or miss in a hope that you will find the right ones! Every new level is more complicated than the previous, the number of tiles will be increasing and the images on them will get more and more complex and alike. Good luck playing our awesome Mahjong games online and have fun!

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