Idle Games

Click, click, click! Welcome to our idle games section, where you will find numerous incredibly addictive and simple entertainments. All of them encourage you to click your mouse as much as you can! Become a millionaire just clicking your mouse!
Get numerous rewards, develop your business, build houses, and create universes – all of these enjoyable actions become easy in the idle games. Most of them are almost endless – there is no limits for perfection and richness! Each click you make brings you in-game cash and you can spend it later to get yourself something valuable – items, tools, abilities, and more. The faster you click, the better the result and the more money you receive. The most common plot is creating various houses and farms, then developing them, and making your ownings grow like mushrooms. The more you develop your factory or farm, the faster and better you continue. The sources and items usually become more advanced, but also – more expensive. So the upgrading process becomes more challenging! What is more, most of these titles have limited time frames for your actions. Track your progress, become even more powerful, and win everything that the game can offer! Have fun!

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