Hidden Object Games

Are you looking for a new brain teaser? Then you should definitely try Hidden Object games. This is a very exciting guest in which you will immediately test your attentiveness. Everything looks more than simple at first glance – you will need to carefully study the picture on the screen in front of you and find specific objects. This activity is a powerful workout for your intellectual skills. And you can even feel like a true detective.

June's Journey: Hidden Objects


Granny Hidden Skull Shadows

All the maps you will see are very detailed and it will be a real struggle to complete all the levels. The object in question is usually hidden in the most unexpected place and you will need all your logic to spot it. You can choose from a variety of themes – look for hidden objects in the castles, on the spaceship or in a usual living environment. The choice is really limitless, and you will not find two maps alike. Sometimes, the required thing will be right in front of your eyes and still you will struggle in the variety of colors to discover it. In the case you have got stuck, you can use up to three hints. Every level should be passed within specified time, otherwise, you will have to start anew. This entertainment is equally good for children and adults as everyone will find the desired level of complexity. In any case, it will train and enhance the attentiveness and logical skills of any player.The biggest benefit is that this game is available both online and offline, and you can reach it directly from your smartphone at any time and from any location. Start it now and enjoy!

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