Head Ball Games

Are you football-hungry? Then we have something special for you! Headball is not your ordinary soccer game, my friends. No, no, no! This game takes the rules, flips them upside down, and adds a dash of pure chaos. Forget about using your feet to score goals - in Headball, it's all about using your head, quite literally!

Sports Heads Football Championship

When football goes way over your head!

You'll find yourself in a wild and hilarious arena where quirky characters bounce around, their heads serving as the ultimate weapon. You'll witness headbutts that would make any professional wrestler jealous. It's a non-stop, action-packed mess where the laws of gravity and logic take a backseat. Get ready to unleash your inner soccer superstar as you choose your crazy character, each with their own unique skills and head-banging abilities!

Wacky gameplay and quirky fun!

Headball is packed with power-ups and crazy boosts that will have you bouncing off the walls (literally!). From turbo-charged head thrusts to gravity-defying jumps, you'll be performing jaw-dropping moves that would make even the most skilled gymnast jealous. And guess what? You can grab your friends and go head-to-head in epic multiplayer matches. Gather your craziest pals, form teams, and let the mayhem ensue. It's a battle of wits, reflexes, and hilarious headbutts. Just make sure to have a few spare controllers handy, because things are about to get intense!

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