Happy Wheels Games

Are you tired of regular races on realistic cars? Wanna try something new and downright crazy for a change? Welcome to Happy Wheels! In this amazing arcade you'll have a chance to try the most unimaginable means of transport, some even at the risk of your own life!
The main hero of the game is an old man in a wheelchair. But he isn't upset about this fact at all. On the contrary, he is eager to try his new vehicle in the middle of a busy road! He wants to find out what these two large wheels are capable of and isn't afraid of the evident dangers of such an idea. So he drives out boldly into the traffic and starts his insane journey to the finish line! Cars beep and collide around him, his own wheelchair is thrown from side to side, there have been so many times when he was just an inch away from certain death… But he keeps pushing forward and is ready to overcome all the obstacles even if it means losing a few more limbs in the process! As you proceed through the levels and improve your driving skills, your task will grow more and more challenging. There will be dangerous traps in your path - sharp spikes, circular saws and swinging lead balls threatening to end your journey. Show good reflexes and maneuver between them without slowing down. After some time, you'll also be able to unlock new charming heroes, including a mom with a shopping cart, a whole family on a circus tricycle and more. Each transport has its own peculiarities of controls, don't rush into the game without learning them first!

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