GTA Games

Speed, action, and thrill – this is what GTA all about. You must be familiar with these racing titles, at least if you are fond of this genre. There is a number of parts that already have been launched and we are happy to present the free versions of them to you. Start your journey in San Andreas, a city of crime and cool cars. In every of the series, you are going to face a similar plot – there is a gang of guys, who are doing some nasty things like stealing cars, shooting on the streets, robbing, etc. As a member of this gang, you are going to perform all of that stuff yourself. If you want to, of course.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

The most beautiful thing about GTA is openness, which means that you are the one to change the course of your own story.  While there actually is a plot you are suggested to outplay, you can still do every alternation that comes to your mind. You can even stop doing crime at all and just live a calm life of a normal person. Pretty nice, we must admit. At least, because such option is available. However, this won’t bring you too much fun! Instead, you should immerse yourself in the world of gangs and tough rules of the criminal world. Fulfill you ambitions and become the leader of the gang one day and a real authority.