Everyone likes a good fight once in a while. It's a great way to give vent to our anger and negative emotions, get a charge of adrenaline and feel the taste of victory. To win in a fight, you must be stronger, more agile and cunning than your opponent. You must demonstrate excellent reflexes and tactical skills that will help you make the most of your arsenal and beat even an enemy that seems to be more powerful than you at first sight. Our amazing fight games will offer you everything you are looking for in that genre!

Teeny Titans Collect & Battle


The Survival Hunter Games 2

Do you want to learn all the subtleties of martial arts? Or get the hang of exotic samurai weapons? Perhaps you want to protect the city from the bad guys or become a chaos-causing outlaw and indulge in destruction? Do you prefer elegant Mortal Combat-style duels or messy skirmishes involving dozens or even hundreds of players? All of that is right here, on our site! You just need to pick a game to your liking and get ready to plunge into the action. Many games have thrilling tournaments running between the players with lavish prizes and ability to move up the leaderboards. Check them out, clench your fists, take your baseball bale or pull out your samurai sword and get ready for bloodshed!